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What Are Some 13 Health Hacks That Everyone Should Know

To remain healthy you need not to do PHD over health. If you regularly follow some small tips, you will get lots of benefits out of that.

Every one of us get so busy in our day to day lives that we do not get time to look at ourselves and to do things which are small but important in terms of maintaining good health.

To remain healthy you need not to do PHD over health. If you regularly follow some small tips, you will get lots of benefits out of that.

Today will share with you some health hacks which you can easily follow to get good healthy lifestyle.

So let’s begin with our first health hack:

1. Choose whole grain cereal instead of flour which is refined.

If you prefer whole grains over cereal then this will end up in giving you more amount fibers than refined flour. Choosing good amount of whole grains like Jowar, Bajra, brown and black rice, Ragi will give you maximum amount of nutrition.

2. Drink good amount of hot lemon water in the morning:

This will gives you instant kick to start your day. As soon as you drink lemon water your sleep just vanished away. You become fresh instantly. Besides this, it will help in preventing cancer cells to grow.

3. Make smoothies to have instant intake of fruits and vegetables to the fullest:

Travel cups are becoming more famous nowadays. If you make smoothie with raw vegetables and fresh fruits, that will benefit you in having most of its nutrients and intake will be also high.

4. Always try to sleep on your left side:

Sleeping on left side will keep your heart healthy. If you wake out from other position than left, it creates more pressure on your heart. Also, when you sleep on left toxins from brains are more efficiently flourished out.

5. Easy way to get relief from Migraine:

If you want to get rid of migraine or any kind of headache, then use your thumb and forefinger and pinch down on muscle on web of your hand and press for two minutes. Repeat the procedure again. After 4 to 6 minutes you will relaxed and it works on all types of headaches.

6. Avoid taking caffeine after 3 pm:

Caffeine takes more time to get digest. Instead of caffeine you can go for other energy drinks which are less sugary or fruit juices. This will give you a bedtime boost.

7. Try to replace your desserts with fruits and replace sugar with jaggery:

Desserts contain white sugar and content of sugar is also much in desserts. Some desserts don’t even add quality sugar which is extremely harmful to your health. So change habit of taking desserts after meal. Instead try to eat fruits which add nutrition value. Also try to take tea of jaggery instead of white sugar. Jaggery is healthy and quick in giving energy.

8. Scrape your tongue to remove toxins:

There are findings from the research that when you scrap your tongue, it removes bacteria in more efficient ways than your toothbrush does. This will also prevents you from bad breathing. Our Ayurveda has mentioned this technique. Scraping of tongue also removes toxins and prevent them to get reabsorbed in your body and thereby helps in increasing immunity.

9. Change your water drinking habits:

Drink some water 30 minutes before every meals which in turn prevent you from overeating and helps in enhancing your metabolism in efficient way. Also drink more water in morning while doing your day to day activities and less water in night.

10. Have a smell of orange peel:

Have you ever tried smelling orange peels? How it feels? You should definitely try it. The aroma will boost your mood and help in remaining fresh.

11. Follow 20/20/20 rule:

If you are working on desktop for 7 to 8 hours, try to roll your eyes from desktop after every 20 minutes to other area which is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This exercise will keep your eyes healthy by decreasing strain over it. You will feel relaxed after the activity.

12. Enhance your bath Epsom salt:

Want to boost your bathing experience? It just a few bucks away from you. Start using Epsom salt to your bathing to get more relax. This salt contains magnesium which helps to soothe sore muscles and natural relaxation. Also helps in preventing anxiety and insomnia.

13. Sleep in colder room:

Studies have found that sleeping in colder rooms will increasing rate of metabolism. It boosts percentage of brown fats. This is type of fat which helps in burning other fats. So try to have a peaceful sleeping experience in colder room.

So these are some best health hack you would might like to try. These are super easy hacks and every one of us can try these out. Don’t ever ignore your precious health in running behind pleasures. You need good healthy life to taste your pleasures. So try these and let us know the results.

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