9 Quick Ways to Get Shredded Fast

‘Getting Shredded fast’ has been a trending topic in this modern world. A shredded body helps you to enhance your physical appearance. Also, it keeps you mentally and physically healthy.

In a general notion, a obese person with high fat content loses his/her physical attractiveness. Plus, it adversely affects their overall health.

A six-pack body with strong muscles surely catches our attention. But, is a six-pack body shredded? Obviously no!

Shredded Body Photo

Then; What does shredded body really mean?

Body with very less fat content and which has the muscle tissue visible is known as a shredded body.


Everyone of us hates to be fatty. Every fat person thinks at least once in a while about getting lean. Such people think about how they can get shredded fast. They inquire about losing body fat to the doctors.

Further, they join gyms for workout. Also they buy protein supplements and fat reducing belts. After a few trails they lose their motivation and they move on accepting their figures.

β€œWait! Wait! I am not here to disappoint you.”

Are you among the people who wish to get shredded fast?  Don’t worry. We have published this comprehensive guide only for you. So that you can maximize your progress πŸ™‚

Also we have added answers to FAQs in the beginning of the post.

 How do bodybuilders get shredded?

β†’ Body builders have a fixed routine for this purpose. Everyday they perform a sequential combination of exercises. In addition to this, they avoid overeating. They restrict themselves from consuming sweets. Also, They consume protein-rich items and protein supplements. All of these things helps them to get shredded fast and a larger extent.

Can I get shredded in 30 days?

β†’  Time required to get a shredded body depends on 3 factors.

  1. The current fat content in your body.
  2. The food you consume.
  3. The physical exercise you perform.  

It’s hard to get shredded in just 30 days. But not impossible! You might achieve this only if your fat content is already low.

Dedicate yourself for it. We assure you that you will get shredded fast; if you follow this guide.

(Approximately in about 100 days.)

For many people getting shredded is exercising a lot or starving (dieting). But in reality to get shredded fast you require these to do these things.

 1) Burning of body fat content

 2) Building of the overall muscle tissues.

But, is losing weight and building strong muscle tissues possible?

β†’ In simple words, building muscles requires an increase in weight and losing fat needs weight loss. But it is possible to achieve both the things simultaneously.

Researches have been conducted in this aspect. It has been found that right protein intake and workout can help you to do both things at the same time.

Will Fat Burning Supplements help you?

β†’ The straight forward answer is β€˜No’. Losing fats require burning of calories.

Some of the fat burning supplements are just scams. They are just plain powders with no use.

Other powders try to increase your body temperature and heart beat rate to facilitate fat burning. The impacts of such fat burning supplements are negligible. Hence, they are ineffective.

Even then some experts would try to convince you by talking about metabolism. But, that’s far from the truth. Metabolism is largely dependent on the weight of your body and basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Caffeine rich beverages are capable of increasing metabolism. But, the proportion is too low.

Are Protein Supplements harmful?

No. Proper intake as per recommendations wouldn’t hurt you. It’s a very important part of your bodybuilding process. Consuming proteins in right proportions is very important. So, Protein Supplements are better-to-have stuff. Otherwise, obtaining proteins from natural sources is the best.


Woohoo!  The guide begins.

Now after enlightening you with the basics and misconceptions we are ready to in deep. In this guide, we have included proven ways to get shredded fast.  It might also help you to get shred without joining gyms.

Before proceeding I urge you to read the following advice.

Getting shredded is a slow process. It requires a combination of exercises and proper diet. In this process, you are expected to patiently devote yourself.

Always remember! Perseverance is the key to success. Don’t lose faith if it takes time to get results. Slow and steady wins the race. So, just carry on with your workout.

Endure your muscles.

Enduring muscles includes performing a combination of various physical exercises. It increases the endurance of muscles and makes them stronger. It will help you to burn calories too. Strong muscles would help you to get shredded.

Muscles are the major fat burners. They increase the BMR due to consistent workouts. Gradually, increasing the calorie needs of our body. Thus, in the long run you can consume more calories and still lose fats.

Muscles occupy less space than fats. Thus, it leads you to look lean in spite of high body weight.

Overall strengthening of muscles is required for better look of a shredded body. Focusing only on core exercises wouldn’t be a good idea. So make sure to include exercises which strengthen all the muscles groups.

Here, we are enlisting the best workouts which target almost all the muscle groups. But as per your convenience you can add up more workouts.

Small Suggestion:- Don’t start exercising for long periods in the initial stages. Exercising in such a way might affect your health. So begin from smaller amounts and increase it over time.

1) Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting photo for demonstration







Lifting weight is the best exercise to strength your abs. Heavy weight lifting and compound weight lifting is highly recommended. Muscle growth facilitates due to these movements.

Works on:- Your Abs.

   2) Cross-Arm Crunches


Cross-arm Crunches

  • Lie on the ground.
  • Bend your knees with your feets placed on the floor.
  • Cross your arms around each other.
  • Uplift your head and shoulders. The angle between the head and ground is 30Β°.

 Works on:- Abdominal muscles and obliques.

3) Mountain Climber

  • Start with push-up position.
  • Lift your right leg and bend your right knee towards the chest.
  • Remember, you must keep your left leg straight.

Switch your legs in the same manner consistently.

Works on:- Multiple muscle groups e.g. abs etc.

4) Bicycle Crunches


Bicycles Crunches photo for demonstration

  • Lie on the floor.
  • Get your hands behind your head.
  • Lift your head and right leg. Your right elbow must reach towards right knee.

Keep switching.

Works on:- Abdominal muscles and obliques.

5) Planks

β–  Straight Arm Plank

Straight-arm plank







β€’ Get in push-up position.

β€’ Balance yourself in the same position for some time.

β–  Hand-Bended Plank

Hand-bended plank for demonstration

  • Touch your forearms on the floor.
  • Apart from the above minor change, same as the Straight Arm Plank.  Works on :-  Abdomen, Back and Shoulders

6) Squats

Squats photo for demonstration

Stand in an erected position.

  • Stretch your arms forward.
  • Lower your body such that your thighs become parallel to the ground.


Works on:- Hips buttocks, quad and thigh muscles, hamstrings and some other lower body muscles.

7) Side Lunges

Side Lunges photo

  • Stand straight
  • Move your left leg aside and lower your body such that your right leg remains straight (similar as a diagonal).

Switch your legs and continue

Works on:- Lower muscles, buttocks etc.

8) Tricep Dips

Tricep dips for demonstration

  • Sit on a chair.
  • Slowly move ahead so that your hip moves off the chair.
  • Hold the edge of the chair with your hands.
  • Bend your body down and let your hands absorb the pressure.

Works on:- Triceps

Plus, you can also include sit-ups, jumps etc.

Cut your calorie intake

Calorie intake is very essential for the functioning of the body. Calories are solely responsible for production of energy. This energy is in the form of ATPs (Adenosine and is consumed for various activities.

We receive calories from every food and beverage we consume. If you eat more calories they are stored in the body for further usage. These stored calories are knows as fats. They are utilized when we are low on calories.

Hence, cutting down calorie intake can help you to reduce fats in your body. In simple words, consume calories in deficit. Experts suggest 15% calorie defecit.

Start with an estimated number of calories you require to lose fat. The best way is to get body fat test done. It would give you precise approximation about the calories. Also, you would get an approximation of lean mass (muscle mass) you would use further.

So, should you start starving (dieting)?

No you shouldn’t. You should avoid cutting down calorie intake at a very high proportion. Obviously, it would be beneficial; but only for a certain duration of time. It might also result in loss of valuable lean mass.

Consequently, you would have to input more efforts.


This point is related to the previous one. Many people are worried about what they should eat to get shredded body fast.

Will Starving help you to get shredded?

Actually, starving doesn’t help you to get an attractive body with proper lean mass. Starving is just the best alternative if you want to become lean.

Let’s get back to the point!

  • Your diet must include fruits, vegetables etc.
  • Avoid eating fast food and items with saturated fats and sugar.
  • Make sure to keep your calorie intake lower.
  • Use this online calorie counter for better results.
  • Consume more protein-rich items; at least 30% of your total calorie intake.

Protein are macromolecules made up of amino acids. Proteins are primarily responsible for building and repairing of muscle tissues. They act as protectors of your muscle tissues. In simple words, proteins help you to conserve lean mass while you lose body fats due to workout.

So, should you consume only proteins?

So do you mean consuming 100% proteins? Isn’t that a good idea?

Unfortunately no. Excessive proteins aren’t stored in your body. But they are converted in other in fats. These fats are stored in our body. These fats are utilized when required.

Plus, high-quantity protein intake can cause health problems. It includes constipation, dehydration, bad etc. Thus, we recommend avoiding it.

Note:– Experts recommend to intake 30% of calories as proteins or 1mg of protein per pound of lean mass.

Best protein rich items:- Chicken breasts, nutrela soya chunks, eggs, milk, pulses etc.

Are protein supplements helpful to get shredded fast?

β†’ Proteins in any form promotes growth and development of muscles. Thus, consuming supplements is surely helpful. But consuming natural protein sources is the best option. Even then, if your trainer advices you to consume them then give it a try. We would still recommend natural sources.

Be aware of calories!

A research report has recently found out that a person estimates 20% less than his real calorie intake. For instance, you consume 1000 calories a day. Then you would think that you have consumed 800 calories. That’s a 200 calorie deficit!

Also, a small spoon of sugar or oil can add up hundreds of calories. Consequently, your efforts would be less impactful.

These underestimation leads to addition of calories. Eventually these numbers increase.

Weighing your food items might also help to get an estimation of the number of calorie.

Avoid temptations and have food at the right time.

Imagine you have been exercising for 3 months consistently. You are also following the calorie and diet instructions.

Now, you are invited for a birthday party. You go to the place and find tasty cakes, muffins, ice-creams etc. Your cravings take over you. Consequently, your 3 months devotion is nearly wasted.

No one including me would like this to happen. Thus, we suggest you to avoid appetite (temptations). In addition to this, you must have your food at a fixed time. It would be beneficial to control your appetite. Also, many health benefits are associated with having food at the right time.

Go for Carbs Cycle 

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy. Around 50-60% of our daily calorie needs are filled by Carbs.

So, Carbs cycle can be termed as the process in which carbohydrates and other nutrients are consumed when our body needs it the most.

This process is beneficial for proper utilization of carbohydrates. It also helps in reduction of fats.

This cycle has some other positive effects too:-

  • Carbohydrates are restored at the right time. And hence appetite at later time decreases.
  • It is believed that fat utilization is promoted as the Carbohydrate stores are limited.
  • Protects lean mass.

We suggest you to intake more carbohydrates on intense workout days. And less on normal workout days.

Add High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to your schedules.

Consider adding high intensity exercises or longer duration exercises to you routine. Roughly 1-2 times a week would do miracles. The longer duration workouts would burn calories to a larger extent and make you lean faster.

This is quite impactful if you exercise daily. Researchers have found certain benefits of HIIT.

  • Promotes fat loss and improves your stamina.
  • Facilitates burning of belly fat at a higher level.
  • Increases the metabolic rate in the post workout period. Thus, it encourages burning of calories.

Avoid Stress

Stress affects our life adversely. It might lead you to depression. It curbs your progress. Being in stress can potentially reduce your will power and increase your appetite. Also, it might affect your diet plans. Stress might also reduce your sleep which is quite dangerous.

Some ways to reduce stress.

  • Music
  • Hobbies
  • Exercise
  • Gaming
  • Reading books
  • Yoga
  • Talking to parents or your lover.
  • Meditation
  • Sitting idle and naming the things around you.

Take appropriate amount of sleep

When we are asleep the damages caused to our body are healed. Workouts result  in wear of muscle tissues. Wear of these muscle tissues promotes muscles growth.

But, for this you require a uninterrupted sleep of at least 7-8 hours. It would heal the muscle tissues and promote fat loss.

In addition to this, a sound sleep keeps your mental health stable. Gradually leading to increasing the desire for workouts. Thus, your enthusiasm is maintained. Also, taking proper rest is an indicator of good health.


How to Get Shredded Fast infographic

So, this was our guide for you to get a shredded body fast. In this guide; we have included all the scientifically proven points. You can also follow these steps at home. 

Follow these steps consistently without losing hopes. Keep yourself motivated. Persevere hard!