What Are Some Amazing Facts About Exercise, Fitness & Workout?

What are some amazing facts about Exercise, Fitness & Workout?


1. Exercises improve your mental activities:

When you perform cardiovascular exercises, it increases your heart rate which results in giving more oxygen to your brain.

It will help you in keeping your brain active by creating new brain cells. Also workouts are responsible for producing cells that are required for learning and memory.

2. Your physically active hours and long life

By studies, it is seen that people who remain active physically for six to eight hours per week have chances of 45 percent to die less early than people who exercise for just 40 minutes or less per week.

3. Listen to some music while performing workouts:

When you listen to the music you automatically catch the beat of the music they listen to. Many researchers found that music enhance sense of motivation, keeps mind focus on one thing, less distraction and high heart rate.

Faster tempo music has been found by researchers to motivate exercisers to work harder when performing at a moderate pace, but peak performance has been found to be unaffected by listening to music.


4. Pound of muscle burns three time more calorie than pound of fat:

While exercising you use more muscles which results in building mass of muscle. The tissues which are present in muscles are responsible for burning more calories than fat. Even if you are at rest, muscle tissues burn.

Normally 20 pounds of muscle would burn 60 calories in a day which is spent at rest and on the other hand, 15 pounds of fat would burn around 25 calories.

Exercise will help in managing type-2 diabetes

5. Exercise will help in managing type-2 diabetes:

The biggest benefit of exercising is to help in controlling your blood glucose in blood. Your muscles can use glucose without insulin when you are exercising. In other words, we can see that even if you don’t have enough insulin, muscles get glucose they need and lowers your glucose level.

Adding on to this, if you are insulin resistant, it goes down when you are working out and thereby your body cells can use glucose more effectively.

People with diabetes are having more complications with regards to blocked arteries and heart attacks. Exercises make sure that your heart will remain healthy and strong and with maintaining good cholesterol level.

6. Even 15 minutes are more than enough:

Everybody is having busy schedule nowadays. People don’t have time to spend hours and hours inside a gym and a good news is you don’t need that much of time to remain fit.

If you do exercises of high intensity you need not to spend more than fifteen minutes for exercising.

Do have an idea about HIIT, high intensity interval training. Very few have idea about it but really works which is proven by studies.

The one example of research is, one group did two and half minute warm-up on bike which was stationary and that was followed by 25 second sprint and finally slow ride for about one and half minute. They repeat these exercises for 15 minutes and the result was increasing cardiovascular endurance by about 25 percent in just 12 weeks.

Your exercises should be intense and effective if you are giving less time for working out.


7. Do you know swimming is involved helping out with cardio?

During swimming your whole body’s movement happened. To resist water you need to move your whole body. This will result in stress off your body. This will keep your heart rate up, it also builds endurance and whole cardiovascular fitness. Swimming will help you in maintaining weight at normal, strong and healthy heart and healthy lungs also.

8. Your muscle mass is going to decrease at the rate of one percent per year in middle age:

Till 30, you are fit and fine with normal body functioning. Your muscles grow stronger and larger till the age of thirty if you are doing fitness activities.

After thirty, you are going to lose muscle mass and muscle functioning also gets lower die to age factor which is scientifically called age-related sarcopenia or sarcopenia with aging.

One percent muscle loss is going to happen with people who are physically active but with people who are not fitness freak can reduce 2 to 3 percent muscle loss.

Muscle loss cause you less strength and more weakness. That’s why you need to remain physically active at each and every stage of your lifecycle. Who is going to care for your health if

You don’t?

So these were some major facts related with workout, fitness and exercises. Others are:

  • It takes 12 weeks to see workout results.
  • Balanced exercise leads to more benefits.
  • It’s never too let. You can start at any age.
  • Teens who exercise have lesser chances of tumors.
  • Men have two-third more mass of muscle compared to women.
  • Couple who do workout together more likely to stay together.

At last, you got your list of some interesting facts about workout and fitness.