Top 25 Tips For All Body Workouts In The Gym

Your body is so smart. It easily finds loopholes to escape from changes. So be alert, if you really want to enjoy benefits of workout. Here I am sharing top 35 tips to follow in the gym during workouts.

It’s not only about doing Body workouts but it is also about how you are doing it. If you won’t do it properly you don’t get benefits of it. So it is essential to keep eye on your strategies and plans of workouts. Your body is so smart. It easily finds loopholes to escape from changes. So be alert, if you really want to enjoy benefits of workout.

Here I am sharing top 25 tips to follow in the gym during Body Workouts.

1. Have a set of goals:

First determine your agenda for gym. What is purpose to join the gym? Have a perfect answer to this question because if you know what exactly you want to achieve from workout, then it will be easy to have further plans. Set one major goal and then have set of minor goals to achieve major.

2. Variety of stretches:

Include different and dynamic stretches to your workout. Do some leg swings, fire hydrant circles, push up to T, Lunge with torso rotation, lateral lunge, Jumping jacks etc.

3. Inside and outside gym:

Maintain healthy diet because that will affect your workout activities. It is necessary to follow certain rules of diet outside the gym to have inside benefits.

4. Pre Workout:

Before workout have some juice or coffee to remain energetic throughout the workout.

5. Foam Rolling:

Foam rolling will help you in increasing flow of blood as well as it will enhance tightness of muscles. It boosts flexibility before and after workout.

6. Strength training:

Exercises like global squats, pall of press, dumbbell row, hip extension will help in building your muscle strength. Include two or three of them in workout.

7. Lower resting time between exercises.

At the beginning you can take rest of 50 to 60 seconds but gradually lower it down to 15 to 20 seconds.

8. Mental connection with workout:

Don’t think of any other things while workout. Just put all your concentration on exercises that will help you giving good result.

9. Maintain log book to measure performance:

If you really want to get full benefit of gym then maintain log of your performance. Keep tracking your efforts so that you will come to know how you are improving.

10. Do what you actually enjoy:

After first few days you will come to know what you liking and what not. So try to focus on exercises which you really enjoy to do. Those will give you motivation.

11. Push yourself hard:

On first few days it will be going to difficult for your body to adopt changes. But don’t give up. Push yourself hard to get comfortable with the workout.

12. Take full advantage of trainer:

Many times due to some reason you hesitate to ask trainer and thereby won’t get full advantage of gym. Don’t do this. Ask each and every small doubt and move ahead.

13. Don’t leave without stretching:

Most of the people leave from gym without getting cool down or stretching. After workout stretching is extremely important to get your body at normal position.

14. Total time of workout:

Heavy exercises of 30 to 40 minutes are more than enough. Don’t need to spend hours and hours inside the gym.

15. Circuits:

Don’t do multiple sets of same exercise without rest. It’s a waste of workout. Do one set, rest and then other set of different exercise and rest, Complete workout in circuits of multiple exercises sets.

16. Use right weights:

See your body type. Ask the trainer and then wisely choose your weight. At the beginning don’t try with heavy weight. Slowly, weeks after weeks increase weights.

17. Have a great playlist for workout:

Play some songs of your choice while working out. Those will help you in keeping focus.

18. Change is only constant:

Don’t get you body used to with same types exercises. Always try to add something different to routine workout.

19. Have focus in place. Observe minute things:

Start observing minute changes after workout. Start pointing out what workout giving you best results. What exercises suits your body type. Get mingle with them more.

20. Unilateral training:

To get muscle fitness on both legs equally try to useless weight and do a full set on weaker side first and move to stronger side.

21. Eccentric exercises:

Sit on a bench and hook your legs under the pads. Keep your abs drawn in tight and your spine straight, hinge back away from your legs until body is making a V shape. This will balance out your body.

22. Focus on your form:

Try to be consistent in your performance. Don’t get lethargic after one or two months. Maintain your form in workout. Be steady to win the race.

23. Mix and match:

After one or two months you will come to know what suits you, what you like to do and what is giving you results. Accordingly mix and match your workouts.

24. Lift slowly:

Contract and release your muscles slowly while lifting to maximize each move. Life and lower to a 5- second cunt in each move.

25. Try which is working best:

At the end, you will come to know your top body workouts which are giving best results. So keep your more focus on those and get best results.

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