If you are a health conscious person then you must have heard about BCAA’s. These are nothing but branch chained amino acids which include valine, isoleucine and leucine. These amino acids are essential for building your muscle growth. Leucine is present in twice proportion than isoleucine and valine because leucine is more stimulating effect on protein synthesis and it will break down muscle protein.

Here are some Benefits of these 3 Amino Acides:


It enhances stability of glucose level for long period. Also helps to reduce loss of muscle protein during workouts. It is responsible in increasing protein synthesis by 25 percent.


It helps in reducing muscle wasting. It participates in hemoglobin synthesis, also regulates blood sugar and energy levels. Also increases muscle protein content when you are suffering from muscle loss.


By supplying extra glucose to your muscles, it helps in stabilizing energy during heavy workouts. If your nights are going sleepless then it will help for better sleep. It doesn’t support muscle growth when you take it alone but it is powerful when combining with other BCAAs.

Why BCAA’s are more popular than any other supplements? This is because when you take up BCAAs, instead of metabolizing into liver these are directly taken up by your muscles which gives you result faster.

Benefits of BCAAs:

1. Helps in Faster Recovery of Muscles:

According to research people who use BCAAs have less damage of muscle and faster recovery than people who don’t use it. And this in turn increases physical performance. It also relieve soreness caused by the strain and inflammation of exercise.

2. Decreases fatigue during workouts:

When you take BCAAs before starting out exercises it will restrict the entry of tryptophan into your brain. This tryptophan is responsible for making serotonin, which contributes in causing fatigue. So in this way you can maintain your energy throughout the workout and it is purely harmless.

3. Balances your Immunity:

Explosive workouts may lower down your immunity. When you do long heavy exercises, your level of one of amino acid glutamine may decrease and this glutamine is building block of your immune cells. At this time your BCAAs get converted to glutamine and muscle and thereby balance immunity.

4. Protein Synthesis:

BCAAs are responsible for increasing protein synthesis of your muscles and also it reduces breakdown of protein. During workouts if you don’t have taken BCAAs and do heavy exercises then there are chances of protein breakdown due to use of more amino acids to support muscle building. But if you consume BCAAs before workout then instead of using inner body amino acids, your muscles use these outer amino acids which produce alanine and glutamine  and prevent breakdown.

BCAAs serve as Energy Source:

It becomes your source of energy when your body glucose level lower down. Some amino acids are glucogenic and some are ketogenic and both are responsible for making glucose. Leucine the amino acid present in BCAAs is ketogenic completely and valine is glucogenic and Isoleucine is of both. So these are extremely helpful in secreting glucose when required by your body.

Regulation of Leptine:

Leptin is a hormone which is responsible for regulation appetite, weight and metabolism. If your body fat is at higher level then leptin secretion is more and if you have lower body fat leptin secretion is also lower.

When you try for weight losing diet and workout to low fat, your body becomes uncomfortable to accept that level of fat and it tries to maintain its level by sending signals to brain. This will result in eating more food.

Leucine will activate leptin expression and this will make your body thinks that it is having adequate calories and you won’t crave for food.

When to take BCAAs?

At this point we all know these amino acids have large benefits. But we should also know what amount of dosage should be taken to enjoy its optimum results.

There are different criteria for both men and women because both are having different muscle requirements.

BCAAs Dosage for Women:

If you are schedule for gym involves normal workout then you can have 4 to 5 grams per day intake that can be taken before and after exercises.

But your training is rigorous, your dosage can be up to 12 grams which you can divide and take it in 3 to 5 serves.

BCAA Dosage For Men:

Men if following normal workout routine can take 18 to 20 grams per day. And if workouts are heavy your dosage will be much higher. You can take 5 to 6 serves of 5 grams per day.

By summing up BCAAs help in getting strength, power and muscularity. You should have them before and after workout to get maximum results.

So if you are on a way to muscle growth BCAAs are best option for you.