What are Some Things You Can Do In Early Life To Avoid Cancer In Later Life?

Before understanding what to do to avoid cancer, we need to understand what cancer is and what causes it.

Cancer is nothing but abnormal growth of your body cells which snatch away nutrients from normal cells and this leads to the death of normal cells. There are many reasons which cause cancer. Below I listed some of them.

  1. Alcohol, tobacco, nitrites and polyaromatichdrocarbons which are lifestyle and food related factors.
  2. Some metal and plastic compounds.
  3. Bacteria and viruses like HBV, HCV, HPV
  4. Genetic factors and certain hormonal changes also can be responsible for cancer.
  5. UV and ionizing radiations also lead to cancer.
  6. Drugs which contain antineoplastic agents also can be cause to a cancer.

Now our important subject comes, what are some ways by which we can prevent cancer.

Try to eat food from plants only:

Your everyday meal should include adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. Eat food which include whole grains, legumes. These are from plant origin and relatively safer than animal meals.

All these foods contain sufficient amount of fibers and micronutrients which are required by the body. To eat large amount of veggies you may start your meal with large amount of salad plate which is colorful that is include all sorts of vegetables in it.

Drink alcohol in moderate amount:

To avoid cancer, you have to change your eating and drinking habits. Alcohol is one of the reason for cancer. If your alcohol intake is high and you are taking it consistently then you are likely to prone to cancer of breast, colon, lung, kidney and liver.

Avoid overweight:

You need to be physically fit and active to avoid cancer. Obesity can lead to increase in level of insulin and insulin growth factor-1 which can develop cancer.

Obese people more likely to show low-level inflammation or chronic which can increase risk of cancer.

Higher amount of estrogen produced by fat tissues can lead to develop breast cancer. To prevent all these you should control your weight in early life through various exercises and diet plans.

Avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation:

Perform medical tests such as x-ray or City Scan when they are required to perform. Don’t throw yourself unnecessarily when you don’t need those medical check-ups. Because x-ray and other rays can lead to lung and skin cancer.

But you don’t need to worry about electromagnetic radiation from high voltage power lines or radiofrequency wavelengths from microwaves and cell phones. These things won’t lead to cancer.

Get yourself vaccinated time to time:

If you have some symptoms of hepatitis viruses, HIV and human papillomavirus, then immediately get yourself treated or vaccinated to avoid these diseases because these are more prominent diseases which cause cancer.

Increase your intake of vitamin-d:

It is proved from the study that the individuals with more amount of vitamin D are less likely to fall for the cancer. This will mostly reduce the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer.

Experts recommend to get 800 to 1000 IU per day which is nearly impossible to get without supplements. But you can maintain normal level by exposure to early sun in the morning.

Avoid smoking, second hand smoking and tobacco:

In our early age, we are more likely to get into these habits. As we all know these habits are harmful to our body, still we keep on continuing them. In early age, our immune system is much strong but as age passes, it gets weak and we are captured by these diseases like cancer.

Second hand smoking which is also called as sharing smoking is much more harmful because it spreads infection from individual to individual. Change your lifestyle habits in early age only to live healthy life.

Avoid walking on sunny days:

Midday sun gives more UV rays, than any other time. So avoid summer and mid-day sun. UV rays are most prominent reason to cause skin cancer. Prevent yourself from going out at afternoon and if you can’t then protect your skin properly.

Eat foods which are having anti-cancer properties:

Eat steamed broccoli, garlic, Brazil nuts, cruciferous veggies, green tea, wild salmon, fruits like kiwi and red grapes. These foods are having properties which are responsible for preventing cancer. Try to include these in your meals.

Avoid processed food and sugary drinks:

Sugary drinks leads to overweight and overweight leads to cancer. This may cause endometrial cancer. Studies from various industries across the world shown that women who drink more amount beverages which are of high sugar content have 90 percent higher risk of endometrial cancer.

Processed foods are highly tasty but those are completely without essential nutrients, fibers and vitamins and minerals. These foods contain sugar, salt and fat and responsible for causing breast cancer. So try to have food which may be less tasty but with more nutritional value.