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Weight Gain Tips for Teenagers & How To Follow It Constantly?

Teen years are the most energetic and refreshing years of life. In those years many hormonal changes take place. You will observe many changes in regards to your health. You have to take more care of your health during these years. If you remain underweight in your teenage then there will be chances to prone to many diseases after teenage. You can feel problems like low immunity and weakness, fatigue, etc.

Many a time, people who are underweight may have anemia, fragile bones and fertility issues. So be preventive during your teenage to enjoy health benefits in mid and late-life.

Here are some important tips for Teens to Gain Weight and remain fit and healthy.

  1. Eat more home-cooked food:

Most of you would love to eat school canteen food instead of cooked food by your mom but you have to reduce that or avoid that. Canteen or junk food can provide you great taste but not great health.

If you compare junk and home-cooked food, you will observe junk food is always have high sugar and salt content along with a higher amount of fats especially saturated fats which are not good for your health.

It has lower amounts of essential nutrients like iron, calcium, proteins and also have less fiber.

You won’t get a single health benefit by eating this kind of food. Also, you are not aware of the hygiene conditions of their kitchen. So eat a freshly cooked meal which is made in the home.

  1. Include high-calorie food in your meal:

To gain weight or having high body mass it is essential to have high-calorie intake in your food because in teenage you are full of energy and you are doing more outdoor activities. So it is required to gain more calories than burn.

Have some baked beans, cheese, avocado, egg and cereal in your meal. Always try to eat heavy and fresh breakfast. You can also start your morning with a heavy fruit plate and glass of milk which will full of fiber, iron, and calcium.

The best way of gaining more calories is to eat more often. Try to eat something healthy in a gap of four to five hours during the whole day.

  1. More intake of proteins:

Proteins are extremely essential for the growth of your body muscles. It repairs and recovers your muscles which will result in weight gain. Each day you have to have the intake of at least a gram of protein for every pound of your body weight.

Have egg, almonds, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, broccoli, lean beef in your diet which are rich sources of protein.

  1. Night snacks :

You can have some snacks before going to bed. This can work great for weight gaining. During sleep, your body starts recovering and use calories for the process. You can eat some high-calorie snacks so that you will gain more than you burn.

  1. Increase overall food intake:

Have a slow increase in the overall food you eat during the whole. Take baby steps to increase intake. Like if you are taking half a glass of milk a day then try to increase it for a full glass. Add two to three fruits instead of one. Slowly and steadily increase the amount of food you are taking a whole day to an optimum level.

  1. Avoid sugary drinks:

Sugar is much harmful to your body and the kinds of soft drinks available in the market are prepared to damage your body to a much extent. These drinks are sugary and acidic with having carbon dioxide in it. These drinks can weaken your bone and restrict your muscle growth.

Instead of soft drinks, you can have fresh fruit juices without sugar which are made at home.

All-time the best and healthiest drink is water. Deliberately drink more water and not only when you are thirsty.

  1. Increase the intake of good fats:

Fats which are saturated and trans are not healthy but there are some good fats which are essential for bodybuilding. You can use oils like rice bran, olive oil, sunflower oil or margarine while cooking food.

As a teenager, you need more fatty acids. So you can also have butter or clarified butter for your breakfast as add on.

  1. Daily right exercises:

Along with all diet and nutritious food you need to have the right exercises. When you exercise you burn calories and it increases your hunger and in turn, you end up eating more food.

This will help you in gaining weight. Exercises will increase your muscle mass.

For gaining weight you can do some workouts like lifts, squats, chin-ups, crunches and bench presses but don’t do exercises more than required otherwise you will lose weight.

  1. Don’t give up:

As a teenager, you are more energetic, cheerful and full of new events. So there are chances that you would leave plan in between. For some days you will find it difficult to follow. But don’t lose hope and have some discipline. Great changes take time to happen. Think of long term health benefits and start from today.

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