Weight Loss Tips For Adults Above 50′

There are many factors that create roadblock while losing weight especially when you are above fifty. In this age your metabolic rate will be slower, you don’t consume enough food, lack of sleep etc, there can be any reason.

But above all this is your will, if you are willing to lose weight, definitely you can achieve it with proper planning and its follow up.

Here Are Some Effective Tips to Lose Weight for Above 50′ Adults:

  1. Have a proper breakfast:

Whether you are dieting or not breakfast serves as most important meal of the day. Eating healthy breakfast will keep you remain more active and energetic for the whole day and it will also keeps you from binge eating. Have your breakfast which will be rich with proteins, complex carbs and with healthy fats.

If you skip or eat less breakfast you might end up eating more during other meals and that will harm your weight loss plan. So skipping breakfast is a bad idea.

  1. Maintain sleeping hours:

Have at least seven hours of proper sleep and don’t compromise over it. If you get proper sleep, it will help you in losing weight by maintaining your appetite. More than this it is also required for having alertness, reducing the risk of depression and low memory. Poor sleep can make you fat.

  1. Be more active :

As the age factor grabs you, you start becoming more lethargic towards physical activities. Start doing those again. Don’t be lazy in doing physical work like using stairs instead of the lift, doing some house activities that will keep your body movement in place.

Try to get involved in social activities which will keep you moving from here and there and that will help you some weight loss.

  1. Eat more veggies and fruits:

Instead of deep-fried vegetables and energy or soft drinks, try to add no-cooked fresh veggies in your breakfast and dinner. Also, add no sugary drinks or fruit juices to your meal.

Eat everything healthy but keep in mind that simply eating kilos of healthy food will not help you in losing weight but you need to keep in mind that the food you are eating should work on your slower metabolism.

Because of growing age body metabolism starts decreasing by five to eight percent with each decade. So the consumption of healthy food should be optimal.

  1. Eat when you are hungry:

If you feel your stomach is empty, then immediately eat something. Because you are feeling hungry mean your body is lacking nutrients and it requires calories to perform activities of your body. So don’t skip the meal when you are hungry. If you skip this you will end up eating more while having the next meal and this will be of no use in weight loss.

  1. Stress check and meditation:

At this point of age, you have more responsibilities, more bills to payout, work stress, unhealthy and improper timings of a meal. You have to set all these things in place if you really want to lose weight.

For stress, you can consult the doctor and check your stress level. Then by yoga and meditation try to reduce it or have small vacation. You have to consciously choose your meal as per your diet plan and strictly follow it. Also, you need to maintain the timings of eating food otherwise diet won’t help you.

I know slightly difficult but worth it if you think of long term benefits.

  1. Regular exercises:

You need to do regular exercises which are suitable as per your age. But before starting anything do a proper health checkup, see your doctor once. Take the advice of him.

Many a time if you have any injury internal or external, you are not allowed to do certain exercises and adding on to these certain exercises are meant for certain age.

So you need to analyze your body and then decide which workouts are suitable for you. Like to boost metabolism strength training can help, to keep your heart live aerobic training will help to give you better daily activities flexibility training will help.

  1. Watch out your daily habits, lifestyle, and interests:

After fifty, body changes. You are no longer a teenager or youth. You have to keep this in mind and accordingly plan your late life.

Consumption of alcohol and smoke should be in control or stopped if possible, a daily routine should include some stress bursting activities, try to reduce your workload. These things you have to do if you want to lose weight and have a healthy life.

You know that our body doesn’t remain the same for all ages. Its immune system gets decreases day by day.

Therefore, you also change or stop the habits which are harmful to your body. If you try to acquire some good habits and interests which will suit your body, it will not only helps in weight loss but also will keep you healthy.