Old age brings certain disabilities in the functioning of a person’s body. The prime reason for this is the healing process. Healing process in a senior citizen is slower than a teenager. These results in some disorders eg. Osteoporosis. (1)

The cases related to this disorder started occurring in the 19th century. Our ultra-fast lifestyle, diet etc. have contributed notably in it’s creation. So let us enlighten ourselves with the information related to reversion of osteoporosis and it’s prevention. (2)

What is Osteoporosis?

 Osteoporosis is a disorder related to bones. It’s name is derived from Greek terms for ‘porous bones.(3)

In the internal part of bones there are small spaces similar to honeycomb. These spaces enlarge due to Osteoporosis. Plus, the outer portion grows weaker and thinner. Consequently, the bone loses its strength and density.

Prominently, osteoporosis occurs in individuals above the age of 50 years. Older individuals especially women after menopause are highly prone to it. 

Weaker bones are at high risk of getting fractured even while performing daily activities like walking, standing etc. Normally the bones affected due to Osteoporosis are ribs, hips and bones in the wrist and spine.

Osteoporosis pictures

Normal Bone vs Osteoporosis affected bone

    • Difference between Osteoporosis affected bone and normal bone

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Causes of Osteoporosis

  • Age:-

The biggest cause of osteoporosis is aging. Throughout our lives our bone breaks down and new bone tissue is formed. 

But as the age increases the process of formation of new bone slows down to a larger extent. Thus, the bone gets weaker and increases the chances of breakage.

  • Menopause

It is a factor which goes hand-in-hand with aging. Menopause is the stoppage or irregularity in female reproductive hormones. It occurs in females at the age of 45 to 50. Due to this change the rate of bone loss is accelerated.

Men tend to lose bones at a slower rate than women. But when they turn 65-70 years old the speed of bone loss is nearly the same. (4)

Other causes which might contribute in Osteoporosis:-

  • Being Asain
  • No physical activities
  • Genes
  • Poor nutrition
  • Smoking etc.(5)

 Can you reverse Osteoporosis in men or in women ?

 To put it straight forward, you can’t reverse Osteoporosis but with proper care and nutrition you can control it easily.

Primary goal behind treatment of Osteoporosis is strengthening the bones and preventing further fracture or breakdowns. (6)

Can you reverse Osteoporosis naturally without drugs?

As reversion of osteoporosis is impossible the answer to this question is also no. 

People are highly curious if they can reverse Osteoporosis without drugs (fosamax etc.). Medication (i.e intake of drugs or medicines) totally depends on your current condition. Medication helps in slowing down Osteoporosis.  

We recommend consulting an expert doctor before taking any decision related to the treatment.

Reversion of osteoporosis is impossible. But you can control it with proper care and nutrition . Before we learn the preventive or controllable measures we must know the difference between Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.

Difference between Osteoporosis and Ostepenia. 

Basically, Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are two different conditions. Osteoporosis is a disease. On the other hand, Osteopenia is a state of bones in which they lose their density comparatively than the normal bones. 

Bones affected by Osetepenia aren’t weakened as they are for Osteoporosis. The highest risk factor of Osteopenia is aging. Our bone density peaks at the age of 35, after this it might decrease. 

Osetepenia might lead to Osteoporosis. So to conclude, Osteoporosis is a more severe condition than Osteopenia.

So, if your doctor says you have Osteopenia; should you panic? Obviously no! instead you should follow concrete steps to strengthen your bones. It would prevent further loss.

5 Easy steps to prevent or control Osteoporosis.

  1)   Stop Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks which include soda, soft drinks and sparkling water leach calcium from your bones. Consequently, the bone density is reduced. In addition carbonated drinks contain phosphates which causes additional carbon loss. 

2) Cut down on Caffeine and Sugar


Approximately 1 cup of coffee makes you lose 150 mg of calcium through urine. Caffeine may prove dangerous for your bone’s health. To fill up the deficit you would need to consume more calcium. Thus, staying away from coffee and chocolates is perhaps the better option. 

Excess sugar causes insulin to increase and results in elevation of Osteoporosis. So reducing your sugar intake is better.

3) Improve your diet

Your diet must include ideal levels of calcium and lower levels of sugar and caffeine. Diet which includes Unrefined cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, olive oil and fish is best. Small quantities of dairy products and meat can also be added.  (7)

4) Exercise well

Remember:- Before you start exercising get your bones strength checked

Exercising makes your muscles rub over your bones. It stimulates them and thus results in formation of new bone tissue. It will increase the density of your bones. Small weight lifting exercises, running, sit-ups for 30 minutes a day can do miracles.

5)  Reduce Stress

Stress Reduction way- Yoga

Stress is related to cortisol hormone. High cortisol levels for a longer duration of time can cause bone loss. It leads to insulin resistance and thus 25-30 teaspoons of sugar can also cause calcium loss. Stress reducing techniques can be quite beneficial for this purpose.


Reversion of Osteoporosis isn’t possible but proper care of your bones can extend their ability to endure.

There’s a lot of difference in Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. You can know more from here:- Osteopenia vs Osteoporosis.