Restore the Body’s Wealth Through Panchakarma Treatment

Ayurveda uses natural medicinal plants for preparation of medications and oils. The ayurvedic treatments are based on the principle of living in equilibrium with nature. Panchakarma is one of the most common treatments in Ayurveda and preferred by many to reinstate the body’s health. The treatment is aimed at balancing the doshas in the body i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It involves five steps and hence the name “Panchakarma”. There are a bunch of ayurvedic centres in Trivandrum with the best Ayurveda treatment.

Restore the Body's wealth Through Panchakarma treatment

The five steps that form the part of Panchakarma Treatments are as follows

Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis)

Vamana is done for clearing the upper portion of Gastro. The patient is subjected to induced vomiting to remove the foreign substances until the region of Duodenum (end of the stomach). It also purifies a part of the respiratory tract. All the medicines and oils used during Vamana are purely natural. Hence, it does not affect the body negatively.

Virechanam (Purgation)

Virechanam is a type of purgation that clears the lower gastro from the Duodenum. Virechanam cleanses the tract starting from Duodenum to the exit. The gastro tract is free from toxic contents subsequent to Vamana and Virechanam.

Vasti (Enema)

Enema using medicated natural oil is done as part of the third step of Panchakarma, Vasti. It purges out all the toxicity from the  gastro and rectum area.


Breathing of polluted air leaves toxins inside the nasal pipe area. Nasyam is done for cleaning the contaminants and purifying the area.


Ultimately, all the toxic substances that entered the body might have mixed with blood. The purification of the body of toxins will not be complete without purifying the

blood. Raktamoksham is the fifth step for cleansing the blood from toxic impurities.

All the above-mentioned steps as part of Panchakarma rejuvenate the body and helps in restoring the body’s wealth. The human body is naturally capable of eliminating toxic foreign substances from the body. However, the present lifestyles, stressful job conditions, lack of adequate physical activity, too much travel as part of official requirements and consumption of too much junk food affect the body. Consequently, the natural expulsion of contaminants does not happen and a major portion of it remains inside the body.

In addition to removal of toxins and balancing the Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas, Panchakarma improves blood flow, revives the mind and relieves stress. Everyone, those who are following a busy and stressful life must undergo Panchakarma on prescribed frequencies. It will have only a positive effect on your body and life. This fast-life requires you to slow down, relax a bit and regain your strength so that you can achieve your targets with added vigour.

Kerala is known for Ayurveda. And there are a lot of elite ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala. You can find the best ayurvedic treatment in Trivandrum. The ayurvedic hospitals in Trivandrum, such as Hindusthan Ayurvedic, prescribe treatment based on the patient’s physical conditions. Every patient will be studied before suggesting the best treatment that will suit him or her. His or her previous medical records, present medical condition and details of other medications will be analysed and the treatment/ medication will be suggested accordingly.

The custom-tailored treatment methods followed at best ayurvedic treatment centres in Trivandrum are proven effective for restoring the body’s wealth. Ayurvedic treatments are known to be without any side effects. As it uses only natural medicines and oils, which does not affect the equilibrium of the body. The medicines and oils used as part of panchakarma are imbibed into the body and nourished.

You may consult a good ayurvedic centre to decide upon the ayurvedic treatment required for your body. In fact, it is advisable to undergo Panchakarma treatment if you are a busy executive unable to find time for exercise. Panchakarma treatment will help you in restoring the body’s wealth and rejuvenate your inner-self. It is for sure that you will be a new man/ woman after the panchakarma treatment.