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Summer Workouts For Weight Loss

Workouts are essential in our daily life, not just because of losing weight but in keeping us healthy. Engaging in daily routine by choosing comfortable and appropriate workout is key if you want to shed some pounds and stay fit.

Workouts are essential in our daily life, not just because of losing weight but in keeping us healthy. Engaging in daily routine by choosing comfortable and appropriate workout is key if you want to shed some pounds and stay fit. So many diseases can be prevented if we discipline ourselves and help our bodies contain the right nutrients that it requires.

One can choose specific sessions and do them at any season, either winter when the weather is cold or during summer when the weather is warmer.  Every day you need to stay fit, so don’t hesitate to workout even in warm season.

There are things you need to consider before working out in hot season:

  • Drink plenty of water before embarking in any training. This will help to cool your body in order to have energy and power to do the workouts.
  • Wear light colored clothes. Put on clothes that are colored since dark clothes absorb heat and can make you feel tired quickly.
  • Protect your face by applying sunscreen or wear a hat.

Working out during summers can be very tiresome but it is a great deal to put the effort and knowing that the goal (which is losing weight) will be of great help to your body. It is time to hit the beach and head to the nearest pool to have fun and discard some weight.

Below are summer workouts that can help you in losing the weight

1. Surfing:

This workout demands the use of hands and legs, by paddling the leg muscle provides extreme upper body and core workout. It helps you stay cool and fit by burning 208 calories an hour in your body. All you need to do if you are near a beach is buy a surfing board and just start surfing. It also helps in cardiovascular exercises which improves shortness of breath, fatigue, and prevent a heart attack.

2. Swimming:

This is a summer workout that is appropriate when the weather is warm. The best way to feel energized is by having a swim in the pool. Swimming helps in burning fat, makes you strong, fit, and healthy. It is said to burn up to 500-700 calories an hour. It doesn’t matter the style that you are going to use while swimming; all that matters is the benefit that you will get thereafter. Swimming involves all muscles from the arms, legs and hips to the glute.

3. Beach Volleyball:

This is a game that is played by two people on the sand using volleyball. It involves a lot of running and jumping from one corner to another since the players are two hence targeting every single muscle. It is considered a full-body workout as moving in the sand is even harder.

4. Hiking and Backpacking:

These two workouts entail a lot of walking on different terrains with a backpack that contains essential things that one may need. Hiking with a backpack improves your cardiovascular fitness as the leg muscles are strengthened. Calories are burnt during hiking and therefore leading to weight loss.

5. Cycling:

The nature of activity involves the thighs, bumps and the waist. Energy that is put to these areas helps to burn more calories and hence improving your health. Your heart and lungs are made stronger. Hence this makes them to transport oxygen efficiently throughout the body.

6. Rafting:

Biceps, triceps, and shoulders are the main parts in use during paddling. It helps the leg muscles to be strengthened and burns about 205 calories during this session leading to weight loss.

7. Running/ jogging/walking:

This is the easiest and inexpensive routine that one can do during the summer. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes, light clothes and water to cool you when the heat is too much.

The warm weather in summer gives you a chance to hit the beach or pool and to attain your fitness goals. A warm weather increases your body temperature to burn fat which propels weight loss. The more workouts one does the more the chances to have a great body and stay healthy.

Natural ways are the best ways to working out and achieve the resolution of burning calories that you want. Ensure that you follow them and you will not be disappointed. Age should not limit you to have a desirable body. As you get older, always have a timetable that you follow each day for you not to wear out and feel old.

Working out helps you to sleep better and wake up in a good mood, the ability to fight illness is also improved, reduces the chances of a heart attack, enables you to clear your mind by avoiding stress, and prevents one from having obesity. The time to stay healthy and enjoy this life is now or never. Don’t wait for winter to workout, start now!!

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