Are Avocados Healthy? [Facts About Avocado Diet and Bodybuilding]

1. Instant Energy Post-Workout Meal

After a workout, you need to refill in your lost energy without loading yourself. That implies you must eat something that gives you more nutrients in a less portion. So, you eat less but get more. Avocados are excellent alone or added to a salad or meal prep. You can make a chicken avocado tortilla wrap as meal prep. Just reheat and have a healthy yet scrumptious diet.

2. Check Off Your Macros

If you’re thinking of skipping your dinner during popular fat cutting or shredding days macros can’t be
missed. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2017, published vegan diet practical
advice mentioning avocados ideal for meeting 30% of calorie intake and fat requirements. In that situation having avocados
as smoothies are best. The hydration will enable your body to detox and lose your weight too. Metabolic
water is the one that goes into your muscles and tissues. Water that you drink is for thirst and other

3. Control Your Hunger Pangs

The phytohormones present in avocado are able to control the release of hunger hormones. These
factors enable you to stick to your diet. After having an avocado toast, one won’t feel hungry for longer.
Partially the fiber and mainly because of antioxidants present in the berry. The pulp of avocado is rich with
these hunger subsiding factors near the skin. Bitter tasting outer edges of avocados are most beneficial.

4. Improves Digestion

A clinical trial to test the effect of avocados on gut bacteria showed that the fruit did increase them.
These bacteria are known for digestion and help in weight loss. The hypocaloric diet for obese people
supports weight loss by reducing the intake from daily required value. Avocados were earlier thought as
unfit for such a diet. However, now the notion has changed and gym experts do advice to take avocados
even to non-vegetarians.

5. Reduces the Risk of Obesity

Professor Celine Hesky, Centre for Nutrition Healthy Lifestyle and Disease Prevention, in her research
showed that avocados cand reduce the risk of obesity. Published in the Journal, Nutrients, one can study
in-depth how beneficial the Mexican fruit is for overall bodybuilding.

6. Takes Care of Your Heart For and Enhances Cardio Results

A diet with and without avocado was compared, Journal Of American Heart Association.
2003& The conclusion of the study
showed that along with other benefits avocados increase the healthy lipid content in body. Low density
lipoproteins are able to reduce the risk of heart diseases. The clinical trial conducted in obese adults is
registered and full proof. During shredding days at the gym you can continue to have 1 avocado a day.
Avocado Gym Facts
Energy food or energy fruit is a source of electrolytes needed for muscle movement. Loaded with
potassium even more than popular bananas and calcium it helps ease muscle spasms. Nutrition from
eating avocado proves that it is a complete diet.

7. Antioxidants

Whether you decide to take avocado oil to replace your regular one or eat raw, antioxidant content is
high. These plant metabolites help fight the toxins in your body. When you start exercise in adult life the
repair takes longer. Thus, your younger gym mates might be able to grow their muscles faster. Eating a
diet with ample antioxidants will ensure that your body picks up pace. Reactive oxygen species produced
in body during breakdown of food or other foreign materials harms the tissues. Exercising intensely can
increase ROS. These start working against your body and don’t let the repair happen.

8. Vitamin C and Vitamin E

These two vitamins are not directly involved in muscle growth. But avocados are rich in these water
soluble vitamins needed for immunity and skin. You won’t have to eat other stuff or take supplements
for these. Vitamin E is mostly found in nuts and other high calorie foods. Avocado is the healthiest
source of vitamin E for hypocaloric diet.

9. Phytovitamins

Some vitamins are found in plants but not in animals. Having avocados gets you those extra vitamins.
These have secondary benefits for your ultimate goals.

10. Testosterone – Natural Steroids

Everyone asks you stay away from protein supplements with added steroids. Undoubtedly it’s
dangerous because removal of steroids from body is limited. Once they get in your body they keep
accumulating until toxic. Testosterone is a natural steroid hormone your body produces. Avocados
increase the production of testosterone in body. Naturally you will have higher levels and be able to
benefit from the steroidal hormone.

11. Rich source of fiber

Having a bulk in your stomach prevents the urge to have more food. People who eat avocados feel
hungry less often. But more important is meal satisfaction. And the nutty flavour of the buttery fruit is
able to satiate your cravings. Along with it the fiber content keeps your food in gut for longer.
When to eat avocado bodybuilding?

Avocado bodybuilding cutting is equally effective. You don’t have to make the diet monotonous because
boredom is your worst enemy. Once can eat avocados during both gaining and cutting phases of

The healthy fats help help on putting weight. On the other hand the phytohormones help during the
shredding days. When you are at the gym you tear the existing muscles. New muscles build during the
resting period. A 24 hour period must be present bare minimum for such repair. The new ways of
training such as intermittent pauses are based on this concept.

Eating avocados is safe and easy to help you during every type of bodybuilding. Being able to alter
recipes such as dips, guacamole and soups helps you stick to the diet.

What is in an Avocado that will Help in Putting on Muscle Size?

Avocados have entire dietary needs for a gym goer. You have enough fat but along that there is protein.
Natural protein is lower quantities will be more effective than supplements always. For bodybuilding
one has to take the right amount of fats and proteins. A single avocado has 3 g protein despite being a
vegan food.

The co-factor and detox elements of avocado help in shredding the muscles and give them form. An
entirely avocado based diet will certainly not be effective. Taking an avocado serving everyday will boost
muscle growth.

Nutrients and microelements of the pulp and bitter sides satisfactorily meet the needs of muscle
development. If one has to take the protein, fat and carbs separately chances are they’d cross daily
calorie intake. The minimum serving taken to yield the desired effects the better it gets.
Avocados Recipes For Bodybuilding Diet

The infamous avocado toast with the nuts and sliced avocado has a lot of loopholes. Bread and peanut
butter make it less effective.

Try these options instead:

Avocados are best vegan fat source loaded with omega fatty acids. Applying the buttery fruit on slices or
making a smoothie are quick gym snacks. Avocado and bodybuilding may seem amateur stuff. However,
the fats available in the fruit are monounsaturated. These are the best type of all fats, for bodybuilding.
Protein content of avocado is great for muscle growth.

The popular culture of 1 avocado a day is not just a fad. Instead scientists have proven the benefits of
avocados beyond bodybuilding. It will help in maintaining the body that you will make at your gym.
Avocados and Bodybuilding. The only problem with avocado as a gym food is the sour taste and sandy texture. Mixing it with other fruits or milk still won’t get you the desired outcome. But when it comes to getting your body in shape, taste comes last. Looking at the macros in a basic avocado smoothie you’ll be disappointed with the
calories. A complete avocado has 200+ calories. Nonetheless, these calories come as fatty acids and they’re irreplaceable for post workout meal.

Avocados Benefits In Bodybuilding, Here are some facts about Avocados and bodybuilding:
Avocado benefits for bodybuilding are beyond muscle growth. Once you get the desired results in your
body maintaining them is a daunting task. The benefits of avocado for body builders include taking care
of each system.

Avocado Cold Smoothie

Take avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers and lemon. Churn them in a blender and have it as an alternative
to celery morning drink. Equally effective in weight loss the drink will be wholesome. It’s best when
you’re busy and have to rush for work after gym.

Avocado Ganache

Yes, there’s a dessert! Take few avocados, peanut butter and fresh creme. Whip these separately. Now
in a small bowl layer the three and add few nuts on each layer. You can make it sweeter by a drizzle of
honey. Have this as a midnight snack ditching the canned whipped creme. No preservatives and instead
lots of proteins and fibers.

Chicken Pasta With Avocado Salad

Avocados aren’t meant to part of just vegan preps. You can prepare your ravioli or pasta along with
cheese and chicken. Take avocados and toss them in lime and black pepper. Serve yourself the pasta
over this fresh green salad. Nothing better to cater your protein needs! Ideal for dinner or brunch after
gym session.

Are Avocados For Bodybuilding Healthy?

The final word about avocados being healthy depends on the reason you’re having it. For fat loss
avocados in limited portions are great. During pregnancy for prenatal workouts they’re not the right
choice. Anything like 1 avocado a day bodybuilding may work for s short period. In the long run you have
to alter the diet and meal options.

Nutrition Journal, in the survey conducted over 7 years from 2001- 2008, by the National Health and
Nutrition Examination Survey said that avocado consumption ensures better diet quality.


Note: You must always consult your dietician before deciding to go for any diet plans.