Chest Workout Plan

Chest Workout Plan: Build Big Chest in 30 Days

Are you meandering between interminable multiple chest exercises available on the internet and Wondering which of them to pick up that can help you in building those pectoral muscles of the chest in just 4 weeks, then irrefutably you are at the right place now.

Chest workout is divided in to three parts upper chest, middle chest and inner chest. Mostly people focuses on the middle and upper chest workout (middle chest exercises are included in every exercises) and they forget about the inner chest workouts exercises. No matter how much you pump on your pecs and how hard you sweat yourself in gym or at home, the innermost portion of the pecs muscles which generally people ignore seem to lack size and due to this you are not able to achieve your target of build big chest. So inner chest exercises is equally as important as middle and upper chest exercise. Don’t worry we are here to help you with that also.

Here’s have a look at the some top Chest Exercises that will help you to Build Big Chest in 30 Days.

Middle chest workout

Push up:-

Push up will help in building middle chest and little upper chest. In order to maximize the chest give least pressure to your arms and for that your hands should be placed wider than your shoulder.

Kneel on the floor or mat and bring your feet together, with palms flat on mat, hands slightly more apart than your shoulder width for chest workout and with your fingers facing forward.

Push Ups

Make sure a straight line is formed between your head, glutes and heels and hands should be beneath the shoulder. Now lower your body until your chest is an inch away from the ground then explosively drive up by fully extending your arms.

  • Number of sets-4 Reps-10(minimum)
  • Short break after completion of each set-60 sec
  • You can gradually increase the number of push-ups each week by 10.


  • Beneficial for building upper body strength
  • Strengthens the lower back and core
  • Helps in muscle growth, strength and endurance.

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Reverse Grip Press Up:

Set up with your body weight supported on toes and hands beneath your shoulders with fingers pointed towards toes. Lower your body until chest is an inch away from the ground and then explosively drive up by fully extending your arms.

Reverse Grip Press up

  • Number of sets-4 Reps:10 (minimum) Break time:60 sec


  • Strengthens your abs and back
  • Helps in building the muscles of back of your upper arm(triceps)
  • Improves the cardiovascular endurance

Chest fly’s:

Lie on your back straight on floor or mat with your knees folded up and feet placed flat on the floor. Take 1.5 L of water bottle(in case you don’t have dumbbells) in one hand, make sure it is balanced, push the dumbbells directly above your chest with lightly bent elbows keeping your wrist straight. Slowly lower the dumbbells until the backs of your upper arm touch the floor. Now repeat the same process with the other arm.

Chest Fly

  • Number of sets with each arm- 3 Reps-15
  • Break time:2 min


  • Works as a chest muscles opener and thus helps in reducing upper back pain
  • Helps to overcome tightness in the upper body
  • Stabilizes muscles in the shoulder

Strongly recommended: do all the above 3 exercises back to back for better results.

Upper Chest Workout:

Push up using chair:

Take a chair and place your feet on the chair and set up yourself such that your body weight supported on hand beneath your shoulder. Bring your feet together with palms flat on the floor and hands along with shoulder width and now slowly lower your body until your chest is 2 inch away from the mat and then explosively move upward. It’s like push up but here hands grip should be along the shoulder width.

Push Ups Using Chair

  • No. Of sets-2
  • Reps- 15-20 (depending on your fitness level)
  • Break time: 60 sec


  • Helps in building upper chest.
  • Targets chest, triceps and core.
  • Good for upper body strength.

Reverse Grip Push Ups Using Chair:

Take two chairs make sure the chairs are solid so that it doesn’t move while you do exercise. Place both the hands on the chairs such that your body is aligned in a straight position with the chair and now lower your body towards chair in a way of doing push-ups.

Reverse Grip Push UP Using Chair

  • Set-3
  • Reps- 15-20
  • Break Time: 60 sec


  • Good for upper body like arms and shoulder muscles
  • Targets chest and triceps
  • Also trains the inner part of the chest

Upper Chest & Inner Chest Workout

Under Hand Front Raise:

Stand straight and take two water bottles of 1.5 L in your hand and move your one hand slowly inwards towards your chest and get back your hand to previous position, repeat the same with the other hand.

Upper Hand Front Raise

  • Sets-1 Reps- 10
  • Gradually increase the weights from 1.5 L to 5.5 L as week passes by.


  • Strengthens the shoulder and upper chest muscles
  • Tones your upper body
  • Allows greater range of motion which helps in turn helps in muscles growth.

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What to Eat to Build Big Chest:

Not only exercises but diet also plays a very prominent role to get those pecs. To build those big build chest you need a good nutrition. Make sure that you are eating a healthy and balanced diet. A balanced diet includes proteins, carbs and fat.

  • Add eggs, Greek yogurt, low fat milk and peanut butter, these will fulfill protein requirements in your
  • Healthy carbs like oats, brown rice , salad , bananas, apples, beans Should be taken.
  • Nuts and seeds, vegetable oils such as olive will provide fat for energy.

What do you says about these Chest Workout Plans. I assure you that you must get the bigger Chest in 30 Days if you follow the above exercises.

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