After a long and clumsy lockdown is about to relieve some restrictions most of us have gone totally out of shape. Not only is it about the external appearance but also in the current situation of health crisis a risk to falling prey. Staying fit is the need of the hour for boosting immunity.

For beginners all the hype around boosting immunity against COVID19 can be confusing. Those who did workout before the start of this phase have a basic idea of the nature, duration of workout needed.

Beginners can find it overwhelming to obtain information about the right workout. Especially when you are already struggling with your bills, accessing an online trainer can be a daunting challenge.

Someone who has never been to a gym or doesn’t have a proper idea of doing exercises will find it hard to do push-ups. What are the alternatives to push ups for beginners?

So how can you start working out all by yourself in a closed room? Well we have our experts answer your doubts. List of Basic Workout To Do At Home Lockdown To Stay Fit.

Here are basic 7 Home Workouts for Beginners in Lockdown to Boost Immunity & Stay Fit.

Just spend 5 – 15 minutes daily to get that body you’ve always wanted.

For now we are just giving you a bunch of couplet workouts that you can do daily.

1. High knees and Flutter Kicks

High knee is probably the most underrated fat burner. All you have to do is jog like you’re jumping. Eh! Can that burn fat ever! That’s almost everyone’s reaction when they hear of it.

Believe it or not, high knees are the toughest of the cardio. Often we are not even raising our knees halfway and getting out of breath. Take it as a challenge to try to cross 3 sets of high knees.

High knees and Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks after an intense session of high knees workout tone your thighs and hip dips.

Sets of High knees and Flutter Kicks

Start off: 10 High Knees followed by 15 seconds of flutter kicks

Try to reduce the time taken to 30 seconds.

With a gap of 30 seconds try to go do 3 sets.

Right Way to Do High Knees:

Stand straight and raise your knee to your belly button. Thump the foot down and bounce back on the other feet with the knee rising to the same height. Make sure you don’t slouch at all.

Keep your hands in front of your chest to be able to maintain the height for raising knees.

Right Way to Do Flutter Kicks:

Lie down on a flat surface and align your entire body in centre. Don’t put your legs apart. Raise both legs to the point you can constantly maintain for 15 seconds.

The higher the better but don’t take them straight up since the strain of your abdominal muscles will go to zero. You’re working out your core so you must feel a little stretch over there.

Now imagine kicking a ball with your feet. Stretch the foot like a ballet dancer and kick the ball alternatively with both feet.

Advanced version can include increasing the number of high knees and criss cross scissors between flutter kicks.

2. Burpees and Bear Walk

Another gem of a workout burpees is very easy to do. It’s a combo of push up and jump. First lie down and do a pushup. Then get up to jump up as high as you can with hands up to catch something.


Bear walk works on your core and even helps your spine. Touching your toes you have to be on four and using hands move ahead like a bear. Don’t have to move your feet that will be kept 10 inch apart.

Advanced version of this workout will be 1 burpee followed by 3 forward and reverse bear walk. Then 3 burpees and a single round of bear walk. While you’re engaging in a home workout in lockdown alteration is must to boost your interest.

3. Jumping Jacks and Planks



Jumping Jacks have tonnes of variations. Crossing hands, half Jacks, star Jacks and front Jacks. Planks can be high raise or low raise. They can be done as side planks, or hands apart planks. All variations work on the same muscles so try to make it interesting as per your choice.

4. Wall Sit and Lunges

Wall Sit are extremely essential these days. The extensive use of electronic gadgets take a toll on your spine and cervical. Wall sit improves your posture and works from the atlas to the last spine in pelvis.

Along that you squat in half Wall Sit which even works your glut muscles. Lunges both forward and reverse improve body balance and work on your thighs.


This combination is ideal for people who are not looking for weight loss but toning. At times despite having the ideal range body weight you don’t seem to look like it. That’s a sign that your body needs toning of muscles. Limp muscles can make you look fatter and aged than you actually are.

Now there is no harm is looking fat or thin. With the current trends of normalizing staying in the shape you are, one can take it as an excuse. But the workout in lockdown has more to do with staying healthy than fad body goals.

We condemn body shaming and public humiliation through appropriation of body image. But one has to strive to be at their highest self potential. Being comfortable with yourself is another thing than being sloppy and procrastinating.

5. Jump tuck and Superman


Jump Tuck

Very popular amongst Instagram photography skills Jump tucks are actually an exercise. It’s very basic. To jump tuck, you just have to make your body compact while you’re in the air after jumping. Try to jump high and then bring your legs folded near your stomach. Try to bring your hands down to form a ring.

Superman pose is done while lying on your stomach. Helps get you the flat stomach and reverse trains your abs. Lie on the floor or yoga mat. Then bring out your hands and feet near and raise them up.

Like a superman or superwoman! For advancing try to increase the duration of holding your hands and legs in air.

6. Triceps Dips and Mountain Climber

Again a reverse crunch exercise tricep dips are done by standing on four limbs and bending your hands to do push up kind of movement.

Triceps Dips

Mountain climber is the counter active pose where you stand on four limb facing forward. Whenever you exercise it is important to reverse the stretches to equally impact both sides. This combination is just precisely doing it.

After standing on four limb you have to bring each leg folded at knee near your chest. Cross mountain climber include bringing the opposite leg to hand. Faster you do mountain climbers, more advanced it gets.

7. Sit Up and Squats

Sit ups can be done while lying down or standing straight. The traditional sit up include lying down and getting up without taking support of hands. Then lying back without taking help or bending over elbows. Squats.


Last on the list finally relieved the excited beginner to take over the workout challenge. Squats are great for setting up cool challenges for making your workout adventurous.

There are a whole lot of apps that focus solely on squat challenges. From beginner to advanced these can take you to your booty goals. Men must do squats too! David Beckham is the example why you must.

Yet one must know that simply squats won’t shape up your lower body. There are a whole bunch of muscles that need training down there. So while you include sqauts in your routine add up flutter kicks.

How To Begin A Home Workout In Lockdown?

There are advanced exercises modification for home workout. You must follow these for a few days or make a schedule for each. Since from the start, weekly schedules are a bit comberosme.

Every workout duo has a cardio for fat burning and a core builder. If you do all of them in sets daily or do each per day for a week both your lower body and upper body workouts will be done.

Nutrition Tips For Workout in Lockdown


While you spend hours with Netflix or hooked up to phone or even sleeping, calorie requirements have drastically changed. For people who have dietitians as access they must have contoured their meals.

It’s ok to have more than often cheats but make sure that you choose proteinaceous meals. For instance, baked fish and chips is a better choice than caramel popcorns. Sounds obvious right? Right now diet is more crucial than ever.

Workout in lockdown is fun and a great way to drive out boredom. Share the post with your friends and start a 7 day challenge.