Top 20 Beginner Gym Workout Plan for Female

Gym and workout is not something that is considered for men only. Women too equally need a regular workout for maintaining sound health and perfect body shape. However, there are separate workout plans for women as their body type is different as well as their goals are different. Like males, it is important for females to correctly choose their exercises which are aligned to their goals. Also, beginners should do the exercises and pick the load which is comfortable for them.

Find below the Beginner Gym Workouts for Females:


This involves laying on the side with the weight on the forearm and a form lower on the lower leg. The hip and the other body parts should be above the floor. In this position, start rolling from knee to ankle. The pause should be given at the points of stress. The exercise should be repeated for the other leg.

Front Box jump:

This exercise as another beginner gym workout for females and the exercise includes a 1-2 feet high box. One needs to jump on the box and back on the floor while swinging your arms.

Jogging Treadmill:

Running or jogging is a good exercise for warm-up as well as a beginner gym workout for females while jogging one can use the different menu options available like weight, calories to be burnt, etc. While jogging one should start steadily and slowly pick the appropriate speed.

Medicine Ball chest pass:

The exercise can be performed using a medicine ball and a partner or against the wall. The person needs to hold the ball near the chest and throw the ball towards the partner by extending the elbows.


This exercise is performed with face down. The exercise involves inhaling while going down until the body almost touches the floor. The second part of this involves going back to the start position while inhaling out.

Dip Chest Version:

This exercise involves two horizontal bars and it involves going down with the help of bars and legs not touching the floor. While going down you are inhaling and bend down till the angle with the torso is 30 degrees, after this, you need to come to the original position while exhaling out.

Lying Dumbbell Triceps:

This involves lying down on the back holding two dumbles of comfortable weights. The exercise involves bending the dumbbells backward at a 90-degree position. It can be repeated as recommended.

One-arm Kettlebell swing:

This involves holding a kettlebell with one arm, the exercise involves swinging the kettlebell between the legs with back straight and head forward to moving it forward with kettlebell upside.

Face Pull:

This involves facing a pulley attached with a rope, the rope is pulled towards the face, thus pulling the weights attached to the pulley. In this, you should make sure that you are not using too much weight. Also, do not push your head in a forward direction for meeting the rope. Going fast will not help, so go at a slow and steady pace.


This exercise is good for building strength, this is done while lying face down and body weight supported by the toes and the arms. This involves holding onto this position for as long as possible.

Bottoms up:

In this the person is required to lie down on the floor with the backdown and stretching the legs directly above you in a perpendicular position, raising the hips as high as possible.

Bent-over Barbell:

This involves the use of a barbell in a pronated position. The starting position involves torso bent forward and bending the knees slightly. Now the barbell should be lifted close to the chest while inhaling and moved back to the floor while exhaling out.

Incline dumbbell curl:

This involves lying on an inclined surface with weights on both the hands. The weights of both the arms should be lifted parallel to the face alternatively. While you are holding the upper arm static, now curl the weights in a forward direction while contracting your biceps as you are breathing out. make sure that only the forearms are moving.

The underhand cable pulls down:

This involves sitting on a pull-down machine and wide bar at top attached to a pulley. The exercise involves pulling the bar down with both hands while inhaling and slowly leaving it back while exhaling.

Preacher Curl:

This exercise uses a preacher bunch and a bar in the hands. The movement includes extending the arms with the bar while breathing in and exhaling out while curling the weight up. Thus, the exercise includes contraction and stretching of arms.

Standing Military Press:

This includes a standing position with a barbell in the hands, your hands should be kept wider than shoulders. The movement involves bringing the barbell closer to the collarbone and moving it back.

Reverse Flyes:

This exercise involves lying down on the incline bench with face downward with dumbbells in both hands. The movement includes moving the dumbles in a perpendicular position to the bench and then again moving down.

Barbell Ab Rollout:

This involves holding on the barbell while in a push-up position, the exercise involves rolling the barbell inwards towards the body while exhaling and repeating this too and fro movement.

Barbell full squat:

This exercise involves holding onto a barbell over the shoulders and slowly bringing it down doing squats. While doing this one should keep the torso flat, inhaling while going down and exhaling while going up.

Leg Extension:

This exercise requires a leg extension machine, this involves using the required weights tied to the pulley, and the exercise involves extension of the legs and then going back to the relaxing position.

So, there’s no need for you to get scared if you have recently decided to start working out and are new to the gym or exercise, as you will start out at a low intensity & volume, but then you can gradually rise to a higher level as and when your body gets adapted. A beginner gym workout plan for females should majorly comprise of cardio exercises for burning calories and developing your cardio respiratory system. And also, for strength training purposes for building lean muscle and the density of your bones.

In addition to this, regular sets of static stretching need to be incorporated for improving and maintaining the flexibility of your body. In the initial stage, you can starts cardio workouts and 2 strength-training sessions every week. After that, you should start scheduling your cardio sessions on alternate days of the week and your strength-training workouts twice a week. This schedule will allow your muscles to get healed and also recover between the sessions. When your weekly workouts end, then try to fit in a 10 to 15 minutes of static stretching routine as well.

Follow the above instructions and see the drastic change in your body. This will not only help you get in shape but also uplift your confidence and mental balance. All you need to do is first make up your mind and then take out some time for the love of your body!