What’s The Myth About Creatine? Should We Take It OR Not?

Checkout Seven Most Common Myths Associated With Creatine.

The supplement industry is gigantic, it is worth billions of dollars. So, like all such other successful industries, even here you would come across a lot of counterfeit, fake, and worthless products. However, in the case of supplements, you have to be more aware, as clothes and gadgets don’t affect your health directly, but supplements to.

Creatine is arguably the world’s most popular supplement, and just because of its popularity, it has been a subject of both praise and criticism. The opinions about it are so varied that a lot of stupid myths have settled around it.

Here, in this article, we would bust the seven most common myths associated with Creatine.

Creatine Causes Kidney Damage:

Creatine is assimilated from our bodies through the kidneys, but it does not harm them. If you don’t suffer from any kidney-related problems, even 20 g of daily Creatine intake won’t do you any harm. On the contrary, if your kidneys are not in good condition, even a small amount might prove harmful. In such cases, you should stop taking Creatine immediately and consult your doctor.

More Creatine means better results:

Researchers have proved that daily Creatine requirement of our body is not much. If you take too much Creatine, that is about 10 to 20 g of it per day, your body will excrete half of it within 24 hours. It would be completely wasted. On the other hand, taking 5 g of Creatine daily would be a more viable option. You’d get almost the same results, as in that case, your body will effectively utilize whatever Creatine you are taking.

All types of Creatine are the same:

If you take a look at the Creatine in the market, it is available in a wide range of forms and at a wide range range of prices. The expensive ones are generally of better quality than the cheaper ones, but that is not a rule. So do your research properly before buying Creatine, and never fall prey to low-quality Creatine that is manufactured in developing countries like China. In a few unfortunate cases, people have incurred permanent liver or kidney damage just because they bought Creatine from dubious sources. There is no need to be scared, Creatine itself is safe, you just need to be aware while buying it.

Creatine works for all sorts of athletes:

Creatine might be ideal for some athletes, but others don’t get much out of it. As a rule, people indulging in high-power or strength activities benefit the most. These activities include weightlifting, sprinting, and playing high-intensity sports like football, basketball, and baseball, etc. On the other hand, people indulging in endurance sports like marathon won’t find it that beneficial.

You get sufficient Creatine from your diet:

On average one gets around 1 g of Creatine from one’s diet. It is not sufficient. Moreover, Creatine is quite unstable and usually, the process of cooking destroys it. If you want your diet to supply you with enough Creatine for muscle building, you would have to eat at least 5-times more, which is certainly not possible.

You should take Creatine at a specific time:

There is no such evidence that states that taking Creatine at some particular time gives better results. You can take it whenever you like, even with your after-workout protein shake. It would be the same as taking it at any other time of the day.

You should cycle your creating use:

Once again, there is no such evidence that states that cycling Creatine works better than having it continuously. Taking Creatine every day doesn’t affect our body’s ability to process it, so continues intake is not harmful in any way. And if you are an aspiring bodybuilder or athlete, adding 5 g of Creatine to your already balanced diet might give you the edge.

There are many other myths built around Creatine that are so downright stupid that they don’t require a laborious answer. Here are some quick answers for all of them.

Creatine is not a steroid. It works for teenagers as well as for women. And unless you have a pre-existing medical condition, or you suffer from kidney or liver-related problems, it is fine if you take it.

Just keep one thing in mind, while buying creatine, don’t let advertisements or commercials lead you astray, prefer the advice of honest bodybuilders or trainers that you know personally. Creatine is one of the best supplements out there so make sure that you get the best out of it.

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