How To Develop Big Arms Muscles Instantly

Big muscular arms make you look stronger and fit. You have to work hard, follow smart exercise techniques and have a healthy lifestyle in a way to achieve big arms muscles in a few weeks or a month.

Various types of exercises are available which you can do to increase your arm muscles and to attain big arms muscles.

Here you will learn about different arm exercises and lifestyle habits to build arm muscles instantly:

Whole Body Workout

It’s more suitable if you work out for the whole body in order to attain big arms muscles. As if you exercise only for your arm muscles and not for your other body parts like chest, shoulders, back or legs then your body will not be fully muscular. Therefore, it’s recommended to do compound exercises and not focus only on building arm mass.

Compound exercises will help in getting big arms muscles while toning other muscles. Exercises like chin-ups and push-ups make your abs stronger along with strengthening your arms.

A Self – Assertive Workout Schedule

In a way of achieving strong big arms muscles, it’s recommended to begin with the weight-lifting schedule with a lot of upper-body exercises. In weightlifting, if a person puts more time and energy then the better results can be attained out of it. Through weightlifting following a proper way, a person can be able to achieve the desired arm muscles.

Lift Weights More Frequently

Weightlifting training exercise usually takes place for about five days in a week. Two days in between the weight training are required for rest or cardio exercises.

Avoid Exercising The Same Muscle Group

To grow arms muscles, you require time to rest and repair the damage from a training session. It’s better to avoid exercising the same muscles in the continuity of two days. If you exercise your triceps in a day then the next day you should focus on your chest.

Don’t Focus Only On Your Arms

It’s important that along with your arms you also need to focus on back, chest, shoulders, and legs because only exercising your arms will lead to a lower-body muscle. Therefore, exercising legs, back, shoulders and chests are required for at least two days a week.

Exercise your biceps

When you want big arms muscles, then one specific muscle group people mostly think of and that is the biceps. Biceps are important to muscle groups and many physical tasks like pulling, lifting can be carried by it.

Here, we are mentioning some of the essential exercises for your biceps –

Dumbbell Curls

In this exercise, you need to hold one dumbbell in each hand and raise the weight up to the chest level keeping elbows tucked at your sides then lower it gradually. Repeat this exercise a few times.

Hammer Curls

This exercise helps in producing a peak or bump on the upper arm. In this, you have to hold the dumbbells so that your palms facing each other as if performing dumbbell curls. This movement of the arms resembles the swinging of a hammer slowly.

Exercise Your Triceps

Triceps are important to muscle groups in terms of building muscle mass and strength, therefore, you should pay attention to your triceps also along with biceps in order to achieve big arms muscles.

Now, we are mentioning some of the exercises for triceps –

Triceps Extensions

In this you have to stand in a position then hold a dumbbell in both hands behind your head with elbows bent near the sides. You have to lift the dumbbells up and over the head slowly then lower the weight to starting position and repeat the procedure again.


In dips, you have to support yourself between two-level bars using arms. Then move slowly lowering yourself to the point where upper arms can level with the floor then slowly move upwards without twisting or jerking. Repeat this procedure again.

Avoid Over-training

During weight training session arm muscles are mostly used for exercises, therefore, it’s important to see that they do not get over-trained than other muscles. It is required that arm workouts should be done once per week. When you do proper exercises with the proper intensity then you will get big arms muscles appropriately.

Lifestyle Habits

A healthy lifestyle plays an important role in building arms muscles. Therefore proper lifestyle habits should be followed carefully while performing the exercises which are mentioned below:

Consume Adequate Protein

Protein is essential for building the body muscles, therefore, an adequate amount of protein should be consumed every day. It will help your arm muscles to grow and repair properly.

Take Proper Rest

Taking proper rest is essential for building big arms muscles as workouts are essential. So, take at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep during workout sessions as it will help in building arm muscles properly and instantly.