November 28, 2020
  • November 28, 2020
Top 20 Arms Workouts For Bigger Arms

Top 20 Arms Workouts For Bigger Arms

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Mostly, men are fond of well-defined muscular arms. It makes you look more fit and shaped apart from improving muscle tone and strength. These arms workouts not only give shape to your arms but also prevent you from chronic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases.

Read below for the top 20 Arms Workouts for your Biceps and Triceps to achieve bigger muscular arms.

The Top 10 Workouts for your Biceps are given below:

1. Standing Curls

Standing curls is a basic bicep workout for men which can be done with any amount of weight. It can be done with one arm or both the arms at a time.

2. Preacher Curls

In this workout, the exercise is done through a barbell but dumbbells can also be used. This exercise is effective for muscles near your elbows. In this workout, the elbow rests on a bench so that all the strain is on your biceps.

3. Incline Curls

Incline curls are much more similar to preacher curls and is effective for both the upper bicep as well as lower bicep. Shoulders can be used in this for lifting the heavyweights. It is among the best arms workouts to be included in your arms training session.

4. Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are one of the effective arms workouts for getting bigger arms and for strengthening your forearms. This arm workout enables you to attain wider biceps.

5. Concentration Curls

It is a good exercise to get a bigger arm muscle. This arms workout best works on the muscle part near the elbow.

6. Drag Curls

Drag curls as a name suggest this is used to drag the dumbbells upwards along the front of the chest engaging your shoulders and forearms which results in bigger and stronger arms.

7. Cheat Curls

In the cheat curls, you use the movement of your hips and back to lift the weight which indicates you can manage the heavier load. This makes it the best exercise to increase weight.

8. Outside Curls

Outside curls is an effective arms workout for building the outside of your arm muscles providing you with the strength required for chin-ups and pull-ups.

9. Alternating Iso Hold Curl

This is a difficult workout. In this workout, one arm is curling while the other holds the position. It is an effective arms workout for your biceps.

10. EZ Bar Curls –

This one is a great addition to your exercise list and is comfortable on joints as well as forearms.

The Top 10 Workouts for Your Triceps are mentioned below:

  1. Overhead Extensions

This arm workout is a harder exercise as you have to bend your elbows lowering or raising the weight. In this, you have to keep your elbows in a place without moving them.

2. Single-Arm Overhead Extension

In this workout, one arm is used one at a time to lift a weight. That means it focuses on the muscles one at a time. It is a good exercise for more well- rounded muscles of the arms.

3. Skull Crusher

It is one of the most difficult and dangerous arms workouts as the name depicts itself. In this workout you have to lower the dumbbells towards the forehead, keeping proper control of the weight. It is among the most effective triceps exercises.

4. Kickbacks

Kickbacks are one of the best triceps exercises. In this, you have to swing the weight keeping the movement of the weight tightly in your control. You have to use your triceps to kick the weight out behind you. It’s a really effective arm-building workout.

5. Seated Triceps Press

This workout is performed while sitting. The bench is provided at the back for support of the spine and shoulder making easier to lift heavyweights. You can learn the proper form through this making it an effective arms workout.

6. Half Military Press –

The half military press is the most important shoulder exercise. In this triceps are used in lifting weights from shoulder level to the level of your head. It is a good workout for your triceps.

7. Lying Triceps Extension

It’s an effective workout for your triceps which you perform while lying down so most of the strain is placed on triceps and shoulders are less used in this.

8. Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbells bench press is a useful arms workout for your triceps. In this, you have to lower the weight to your abs. It’s a great arm building exercise for men.

9. Dumbbell Tate Press

This workout is similar to that of lying triceps extension in which you lower the weights to your chest. In this, your arms are turned inward giving a better-rounded workout.

10. Close Grip Dumbbell Press

In this, you use a heavy dumbbell for a close grip. It takes the weight off your chest and puts it squarely on your triceps. It is effective arms workouts for your triceps.

These 20 very effective arms workouts help in developing your biceps and triceps in a short period of time quite effectively and quickly. These exercises will help you remain fit and healthy for a long period of time apart from providing well-defined muscular arms.

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