November 28, 2020
  • November 28, 2020

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Bulletproof Coffee – Can Blow Your Mind

by on June 29, 2020 0

Bulletproof Coffee is a new trend of coffee which comes early in the west but very less people know about it in India. Mr. Dave Asprey is an inventor of Bulletproof Coffee and Bulletproof diet. He is an American author who’s written five books on diet and health. He held executive and director position for […]

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Health Benefits of Curcumin

by on June 9, 2020 0

Curcumin is an identified antioxidant which inherently has many wellbeing advantages. This is because of the flexibility of antioxidants to neutralize and counteract free radicals. Free radicals are chemicals produced by the body during normal functions and by exterior factors similar to pollution. Free radicals cause many issues in the body, including inflammation and swelling […]

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Top 50 Chest Workout At Home Videos Must Watch

by on June 6, 2020 0

The new generation wants to be fit and wants to look much better than others. All of us do hard work in the gym to get in shape. So, why not do the same at home? While it is easy to work on other body parts at home, with the chest it could get difficult […]

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Chest Workout Plan: Build Big Chest in 30 Days

by on May 30, 2020 0

Are you meandering between interminable multiple chest exercises available on the internet and Wondering which of them to pick up that can help you in building those pectoral muscles of the chest in just 4 weeks, then irrefutably you are at the right place now. Chest workout is divided in to three parts upper chest, […]

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Restore the Body’s Wealth Through Panchakarma Treatment

by on May 1, 2020 0

Ayurveda uses natural medicinal plants for preparation of medications and oils. The ayurvedic treatments are based on the principle of living in equilibrium with nature. Panchakarma is one of the most common treatments in Ayurveda and preferred by many to reinstate the body’s health. The treatment is aimed at balancing the doshas in the body […]

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MuscleBlaze Gets Certified by Labdoor

by on March 14, 2020 0

MuscleBlaze an Indian Body supplements manufacturer brand became the first ever to get a Labdoor certification. The brand is popular and trusted by millions for the different supplements types. Depending on the goals of the person whether for bulking, performance or gym support MuscleBlaze has a range of products. The Biozyme Whey products of MuscleBlaze […]

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How Much Weight Can You Lose In 15 Days?

by on March 4, 2020 0

As a Dietitian most common question that asked to me is how much weight can get reduced in two month/one month/two weeks? I have one wedding to attend or planning holiday so I want to reduce little bit to fit into new clothes or wanted to fit back into my old blouse or lehenga or pants. […]

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