You probably think of protein-rich meals like meat and dairy, or even nuts and legumes, when you think of muscle-building foods, right? Even while protein is an important macronutrient of choice when it comes to nourishing our muscles, carbs and fat are equally crucial for providing energy because you need to replenish the energy after a good workout session.

Here, we have sorted out some balanced mix-n-match foods which can be taken as post-workout meals to get you going for the rest of the day and help your muscles gain mass from the protein supply. Read on and look for your favourite combinations!

Mechanism To Gain Muscles

When you work out and train with heavy weights, tiny muscle tissues tear inside your body. This is why you might feel pain or even get sore for the rest of the day after an intense workout. You won’t build muscle mass if the muscles are not permitted to rest. Muscle strength may be affected as well. This makes it difficult to complete your workouts and you might feel demotivated by the results.

Balanced Post-Workout Meal

If you are training for longer than an hour every day, it is a good idea to refresh your body after each session. The timing of your workout is also something to consider. If your next meal isn’t for another two hours after your workout, you’ll most likely require a wholesome snack. Carbohydrates are needed to restore blood sugar, and protein is needed to repair muscle wear and tear.

It is very important to have a balanced meal with the right amount of protein, carbs and fat for the best recovery process for your muscles. Not only do your worn-out muscles need protein to build up, but your body also requires carbohydrates and fats to replenish the energy lost during a workout.

Healthy Diet. BBG
Healthy Diet. BBG

In addition to the perfect meal, it is crucial to stay hydrated, especially after you have shed a decent amount of sweat while working out. The body produces a lot of heat, and this results in a loss of water through sweat and cellular absorption of fluids. So, it is necessary to rehydrate your body of the lost fluids and provide it with protein, carbohydrates and fats to see the best results.

Indian Protein Sources

When it comes to Indian cuisine, we understand there is too much oil and spices in all the dishes. But minus the oil, Indian spices can prove to be tremendous sources of antioxidants, especially turmeric seasoning.

Similarly, lentils are a huge source of protein that can be used in many ways other than just making dal. Because it is one of the greatest vegan lean proteins, moong dal benefits as a post-workout meal include helping you gain muscle. The best way to consume moong beans is in the form of sprouts. The nutritional content of moong beans is highest when the sprouts have become three to four days old.

Paneer, the cottage cheese of India, has a similar significance in high-protein diets. According to health experts, eating paneer after an exercise boosts muscle protein synthesis substantially. Vitamin D and minerals like calcium, potassium, and selenium are also abundant. It’s a great post-workout meal because of its high calcium content and helps strengthen bones. Furthermore, paneer is loaded with muscle-building amino acids which are highly essential for muscle repair after an intense workout session.

One more natural Indian protein source is Sattoo (roasted barley and gram flour). Sattoo is high in proteins and minerals, including calcium, iron, and magnesium, which are all important for tissue regeneration post workout sessions. It also contains complex carbohydrates, which are necessary for energy production.

Post-Workout Meals

Here we have prepared 27 delicious combinations of protein-carb-rich foods to serve you the perfect post-workout meals. Choose your favorite!

  1. Egg, chicken and baby corn grilled sandwich
  2. Avocado atop whole-grain bread with an egg omelette
  3. Oatmeal cereal, banana and a handful of almonds
  4. Protein shake with dry fruits
  5. Banana or carrot milkshake with freshly cut fruit salad
  6. Egg and chicken salad with green leafy vegetables
  7. Peanut butter spread on toasted brown bread and a glass of milk
  8. Scrambled eggs with whole-grain waffles
  9. Baked whole eggs sprinkled with spices and black pepper, with tomatoes and lentils
  10. Bowl of Greek yoghurt with fresh fruits and nuts
  11. Sweet potato with healthy veg or spicy pepper and chickpeas
  12. Smoked salmon and avocado open sandwich
  13. Whole-wheat pasta seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper
  14. Lentil salad with vegetables
  15. Wholewheat pancakes with maple syrup
  16. Strawberry milkshake with waffles
  17. Salmon sushi with brown rice
  18. Tuna sandwich with whole-grain bread
  19. Paneer with lentils, spices and a pinch of salt
  20. Soybean chunks, chickpeas and lentils with wholewheat pasta
  21. Sattoo and chickpeas mixture with salt and spices
  22. Flax seeds, brown rice and salted lentil mixture
  23. Green moong sprouts chaat with raw tomatoes, onions, boiled potatoes, coriander, salt, black pepper and chilli powder
  24. Kadai paneer with chapatis and salad
  25. Paneer bhurji with brown rice or wholewheat chapatis
  26. Sattoo shake made with spices, salt and lemon juice
  27. Almond milk or saffron milk with oat crackers


Good muscle gains can be obtained only with the right combination of workouts, diet, and an adequate amount of rest time. During the rest, your body needs nutrients to cope with the wear and tear. Hence, a balanced post-workout meal is a key to big muscle gains.