MuscleBlaze Gets Certified by Labdoor

MuscleBlaze an Indian Body supplements manufacturer brand became the first ever to get a Labdoor certification.

MuscleBlaze an Indian Body supplements manufacturer brand became the first ever to get a Labdoor certification. The brand is popular and trusted by millions for the different supplements types. Depending on the goals of the person whether for bulking, performance or gym support MuscleBlaze has a range of products. The Biozyme Whey products of MuscleBlaze have been tested for their accuracy of ingredients needed as supplements.

Labdoor is an independent international body, that tests various nutritional supplements and products. They have an elaborate method of testing various supplements. Although they don’t claim any brand superior, a ranking is given based on the test results. Labdoor sends a sample of retail and online bought supplements, to FDA lab.

Although Labdoor markets products, it is not an health advisory website. One can only assess a brand based on their professional review. After the results are back from FDA lab, the vitamins, amino acids and whey protein are tested on various parameters. And finally they get a score and display on the official website of Labdoor. Various criteria are set for product features such as label information, purity, nutrition, ingredients and safety.

Projected efficacy is a biochemical criterion set by Labdoor. For a layman it can be difficult to understand the complex pharmacodynamics and bioassay results. However, it’s the most important part of their testing process. In this they aim to check whether the nutrients mentioned on the label of the product actually reach your body.

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey isolate

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey isolate has all essential and semi essential amino acids. This includes histadine, isoleucine, arginine, aspargine, valine, glycine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan and cysteine. Along with them the non essential amino acids are also present. Non essential amino acids are the ones your body can make without supplements.

The amino acids present in MuscleBlaze meet the 41% recommended daily allowance. With such a high protein to fat ratio, the supplement product is par excellence. About 76% of the serving is protein!

The brand claims that it increases protein absorption by 50% with just 8% of caloric intake. For branched chain amino acids the absorption increases by 60% since requirement needs are met soon. After getting the Labdoor certification, MuscleBlaze has officially proven its claims. Along that MuscleBlaze Biozyme is free from heavy metals and impurities. And the fact that it reduces stomach discomfort post-consumption is also tested.

Designed for Indian bodies now the brand can actually look ahead for globalization. After getting certified it’s claims are proven. The manufacturers are now looking forward to international expansion.

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