Custard Apple (Sugar apple) and Benefits

Custard Apple (Sugar apple) and Benefits

 Among the tropical fruits on this list, we have the Cherimoya, which is a sweet, juicy, and tasty fruit that not only brings together the best parts of the strawberry, the raspberry, and the pear but also gives it a vibrant cinnamon flavor, as it has a very creamy pulp, with a very characteristic flavor that is not found everywhere.

Its flavor is usually compared to the taste of custard, so these tropical fruits are highly appreciated in the Asian continent; the pulp contains many black seeds that are easily detached, so you have to be careful to swallow one, the Cherimoya has a green heart-shaped exterior, its coat is hard and thick.

It comes from the Cherimoya tree, which is small compared to other tropical fruit trees since it manages to reach up to 5 meters in height with low ramifications; this fruit is an infructescence, that is, it is made up of different fruits that adhere between them.

custard apple benefits
custard apple benefits

How is custard apple preserved and eaten?

Custard apples that are already hard or green are about to finish maturing in approximately a couple of days; If left at room temperature, they will be ready to eat and enjoy this delicious fruit.

They can be eaten even if the skin is barely green and is on the way to black, as long as it yields to the smallest squeeze, but what you should not do is keep it in the cold, whether in the fridge or winter weather. On the other hand, custard apple is a somewhat delicate tropical fruit when it reaches its optimum ripeness point. If you like nature, we recommend you read the following article, Endangered Animals in Africa.

The right time to enjoy the flavor and favorable properties of custard apple is in cold seasons or in times of low temperatures. Simultaneously, to delay ripening so that the fruit does not grow too quickly, it is appropriate to buy or take custard apples from the tree or the farmer while still green and waiting for them to ripen at room temperature in the home.

The first thing to do to eat a custard apple is to remove the peduncle or corner, yanking on ripe fruits off quickly. Cut the fruit in half with a sharp knife, the same width, or length. Scoop out the creamy pulp with a teaspoon avoiding the black seeds, and enjoy this delicious exotic fruit.

Custard apple benefits for health

Among the health benefits of this tropical fruit, we can mention:

Ideal food for slimming diets due to its low-fat content.

Rich in vitamin C allows us to increase the defenses of our immune system.

The significant contribution of fiber and therefore used as a laxative for people with constipation.

It reduces cholesterol since it is low in sodium, rich in potassium, and little fat.

It fights anemia due to its high energy and iron content.

Due to its acetogenin compound, it is considered an antitumor against cancer prevention.

It has a tonic action that prevents us from fatigue and decay.

Very rich in vitamins and minerals and ideal for children of growing age.

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Cherimoyas can take various shapes and textures on the outside. This is the most significant change noticed among the varieties of this great family of tropical fruits.

La Impress:

They are large tropical fruits with very few seeds, this type of custard apple is fast growing and more fertile than the other varieties of Cherimoya, its skin is covered by some scales that look like a reptile, so This has a sweet and juicy pulp as well as presenting a good flavor.

The Umbonata:

It is among the tropical fruits that have a medium size.

It is super tasty.

It has a super-thin skin with many seeds with pointed protrusions presenting sharp points since it does not resist very well transporting conditions.

The Mamillata: Their large size and smooth skin characterize these. They are more flavorful and aromatic and do not have as many seeds as the others.

Curiosities of the Cherimoya

Among the curiosities that this attractive tropical fruit has, we can mention:

Like the Sour soup, the Cherimoya has a high power against cancer as it reduces and eliminates malignant cells to prevent different types of cancer.

Being low in fat and having a fiber with a very beneficial intestinal effect because it drains bad cholesterol and absorbs bile acids simultaneously and regulates the intestinal flora, reducing cholesterol levels.

It is highly recommended to do diets to improve health with this fruit since it has a regulating effect on the level of sugars in the blood due to its fiber, which exerts an influence as an intestinal laxative while dilating over time—assimilation of sugars.

The Spanish gave it the name of man jar Blanco when they discovered it in America.